I’ve been called everything from Keyhole, Keegle, Kylo (ren), Kia (the car) and even Chemo (?) derived from the nickname Kemo-sabe. Safe to say that was my least fave. The origin of who I am and what spawned my name is quite the tale.

Unbeknownst to most meagre mortals, I was conceived in a cottage in Reading, England.  It was a hot steamy night between a hunky Chinese man and an eccentric British, hairdressing model, then the stars of the fish came aligned. Nine arduous months later, a petite bi-racial beauty was born with stunning locks and an eye for Gucci diapers.

13 years later I was a chubby, mouth breathing, Hawaiian impersonator living in the golden age of South Africa, screaming  “lekker my bru” from the tip of my boogie board. “My name means Beautiful Pearl”, I’d proclaim and it’s safe to say the rest is history.

Now I’m a digital nomad and a travel business owner, who thrives on fashion and traveling and taking dope photo’s; innately playing Ping-Pong and being good at math and watching  anything Gordon Ramsay related. But really everyone, racial insensitive sarcasm aside, I’m simply just another mud-blood living in a muggle Barbie world. I am a strong believer in the universe and playing house with my crystals + moon gazing, sage burning and manifesting the things I want in life. Oh… and GRATITUDE!

In essence, I’m just Keeo.  (Or as close friends call me, Kiki/Keeks) Currently, residing in COVID UK after living the life in Chengdu, China for 4 years and Vietnam for 10 months. Hopefully, this blog gives you some insight into the inner psyche of this Kaitlyn Jenner-esque polar opposite.  

             P.S  Peace  & brown rice