SO. You’ve been invited to a ‘White Party’ and whether you are male or female, this knowledge either brings you instant, overwhelming excitement OR absolute dread. “Why?” you ask because wearing all white can go one of TWO ways.

You can either look smoking hot and strut into that room like a sun-kissed, Egyptian goddess, with flawless hair & makeup and a perfect fitting, ALL WHITE ensemble. Capturing the eyes of the room of both sexes (lasting for AT LEAST… a minute).

OR you will have struggled for 2 weeks, pulling your weave out, going on every fashionista clothing website you can find, buying, sending back, buying again. Scan the shops to hell and high waters, hitting all the stores you can find because your usual ‘GO TO’ store is shit out of luck. Convincing yourself, don’t worry I’ll find something…

Wickedly end up feeling less than spectacular, looking like you’re wearing an ill-fitting tea cosy and in some unfortunate sod’s law way, you then happen to spill red wine down your already horrendous “party of the year” dress. Snowball effect.

As I relate to this so dearly and been there countless times, I have picked out what I think are some of the best looks from literally hundreds of options and selected my fave White Party Potentials to ease a little stress and steer clear of the latter OR. Don’t worry boys, I didn’t forget about you 😉

  #thankmelaterdolls #keekoftheweek

‘The New Yorker’

Love this sophisticated satin dress that comes with a detachable bralet. Winner. Very N.Y.C.

‘The Androgynous

Pair these high waisted trousers with a long sleeve, low -v bodice. Legs covered. Cleve out.

‘The Cuuuuuute Mini’

It’s not every day you can wear a mini & a party is a perfect excuse to rock it.

‘The Petite’

Short girl problems. If you know. You know. This is petite perfection.

‘The Lady In Lace’

You can’t beat an ethereal lace dress. Heavenly.

‘The Little Miss Sass’

This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’ve got it. FLAUNT IT you sassy b***h.

‘The Seductress’

Single and ready to mingle? But don’t want to give off that skank vibe? Stay classy with this little number.

‘The Classic Off-the-shoulder’

There’s just something about collar bones and shoulders on show that makes you feel like a sultry goddess.

‘The Leggy Lady ‘

I can imagine being super tall is just as challenging as being super short. So here you are, you lanky lovelies.

‘The Pregnant Partier’

Just because you’re preggers doesn’t  mean you can’t rock a white party dress and have uno champers.

‘The Rule Breaker’

I mean. It’s predominately white. 😉 And tassels are trending.

‘The Splash Out’

It’s basically backless. It’s WILDFOX. It’s a beaut. Flush with cash? This one’s for you.

‘Skirt & Crop Combo’

Gotta love a combo. Especially when it makes your abs look #LIT

‘The Saucy’

This saucy little number is just lavley. Add a red lip. Sorted.

‘The Minimal Twister’

It’s all in the name, bit of a V.B Vibe

‘The Budget Balmain’

I’m sure we have all dreamt about being part of Oliver Rousteings Balmain Army.

Premium white structured high neck lace mini dress

‘The Calf Length’

If only I had the rack to pull this one off. Cleve is totally ok if you’re wearing calf length.

‘The Designer Dress’

This timeless frock by Alice + Olivia is to die. 

‘If I were a boy’

It’s an all-white party, you gotta go all out. This would be my top pick.

‘The Linen Look’

Linen is easy breezy and timeless (meaning you can wear it to the next wedding)

‘The BOSS Shirt’

It’s slim, sexy and Hugo Boss.

‘The Helmut Lang’

Hold up Helmut.

‘The Valentino’

For the men out there with a bulkier pocket, this studded collar Valentino is for you.

‘The Gucci Mane’

Gucci Please. You’ll have the girls swooning at the snake.

‘The Classic Calvin’

Love the cheeky black collar to add a bit Pizzaaazzz.

‘The Stoner’

Not that kind of stoner. The football hooligan type. COME ON!

‘The Eezy Yeezy’

Not a suit or shirt kinda guy, nothing wrong with a Season 4 paired with some sick kicks.