Traveling around with the comfort of my whole wardrobe, for those ‘just in case’/’what if’ moments, is now a thing of the past. Purely because of the impracticality and mainly the over-weight baggage fees. I bring you 10 practical digital nomad style tips.

1 | Bum Bag

After having lost or stolen numerous things out of my handbag or backpack I decided to be smart. My staple, ‘shit I can’t live without’ carrier is now a bumbag, strapped to my body rather than my bum

2 | Rain Mac

Unfortunately rain is an inevitable pain in the arse, that can’t be avoided. Particularly in S.E.A during rainy season. Don’t get caught off guard, get yourself one of these. There’s even one that can turn into a bum bag!  

3 | Cap

Whether it’s a ‘I haven’t washed my hair in 3 days’ moment or I need to soak up the sweat on my morning beach run. A cap is a no brainer

4 | Sunglasses Chain

Don’t sit on your favourite shades or let those thieving little monkeys snatch them off your face. These are a nomads MUST HAVE and they’re practically cool

5 | Sustainable Water Bottle

These super cute sustainable water bottles are hand-made in Bali by the locals, providing them a way of making a living. When I last visited Bali the creator of them kindly gave me one.  It can even double up as a speaker holder  too. I don’t go anywhere without mine. Thank you BlueMoloko

6 | Sunglasses

Whittling down my sunglasses selection to just a few pairs was heart breaking but needs must. Ray-Ban, Quay and Le Specs are my go-to brands for a decent pair of shades. If you don’t wear sunglasses, are you even a person?

7 | BodySuit

These life savers are an all-rounder. Easy to wear, quick to wash and dry and takes minimal space in your luggage Super cute with shorts, a skirt or a palazzo pant. Black, white and tobbaco is all you need

8 | Baggy Shirt

A crop top/bikini top paired with an oversized baggy shirt is one of my go-to’s. I like to buy my shirts in a Large unless it’s already made oversized and there’s nothing wrong with a mens section, sometimes they have the hidden gems

9 | Bikini

When it comes to bikini choices, go for styles that are multifunctional. Bikini tops that can be worn as a bralette are my favourite. ASOS is usually hit and miss for bikinis but recently I’ve discovered 3 really well-fitting ranges. ASOS Crinkle Bikini, Recycled Bikini and South Beach. As seen below

10 | High-Waisted Wide Leg Pant

Light weight, flattering and comfortable. Ideal for the girl on the travel go. I always have mine tailored to my midget size for the perfect fit

All traveling made possibly by HIPA.LIFE Grateful every day for the opportunity. Thank you


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