Halloween Blue Moon. What are the bloody chances hey?

Not only have we already had a Full Moon this month, Mother Luna has gone and thrown another bad boy into the mix. This isn’t just any bad boy full moon, it’s an exceptionally rare ‘Halloween Blue Moon’. It will be the first time a Halloween full moon will be visible across the WHOLE world since 1944! *gets shivers*.

Now, I was Today Years Old when I learnt the phrase “Once in a blue moon” came from this spectacular event. Let me explain: a blue moon happens on average once every two and half years, so this is why we use the famed quote “once in a blue moon” (don’t pretend you knew that) + a blue moon on Halloween is as rare as a Mewtwo Pokémon. 

Now if you’re anything like me —a moon bummer— you may or may not realise just how powerful this moon is going to be. Moon cycles are woven through our lives in complex ways which most of us are oblivious too. Whether you like it or not, it penetrates our spirit. On the 1st of October (the first full moon) I had a mini breakdown—which is laughable now—and a lot of incredibly heightened emotions and insecurities came up out of nowhere. I found myself to be emotionally uncontrollable. I call this ‘Stage 5 Psycho’. Since then I’ve pulled myself together and slept in a circle of crystals. 

You might feel VERY agitated during this time and lash out at someone or something and then feel awful about it afterwards. Which is why I am locked in small cage with crystals, Deepak Chopra, wine and tissues for 3 days before and 3 days after a full moon. Standard Stage 5 protocol. So be self aware and accountable for your actions and words this weekend.

“Full moons have always been seen as moments in time in which the astrological energy comes to a climax”

On a serious note. Whatever you are feeling/thinking, emotionally/spiritually right now, expect x1000 this weekend. If you’re in a bad head space it’s only going to get worse I’m afraid, so pull your finger out, man the f**k up & suck on the teat of the positive tit. Read a self help book, go to the gym or call a friend. If you’ve been vibing on a path of greatness it’s the perfect time to start a long-term goal or make plans for the future as things will only gonna get bettterrrrr.  Use the blue moon to do something extraordinary, break free from your comfort zone or routine. Quit the job you despise, leave the relationship that makes you Les Mis and take the leap on a new business venture. 

Blue moon mood arriving in the sign of Taurus will have a Taurean influence of focus, overpowering sense of determination and drive. Embrace it. Needless to say this can’t be missed. After all, the next time you can expect a full moon on Halloween is in 2039. So stand outside under all of it’s awe inspiring beauty, ground your feet and take in all that uber good moon joojoo vibes! Prepare yourself for feeling strange, psycho wives & gf’s, pets acting up, kids acting erratic and god bless the folks working in psych wards. My prayers are with you.

If you’re not astronomically inclined then don’t take this advice, just fasten your seatbelt 😉

#dontforgettosage #sageyourwifesageyourkids

peace . love & brown rice .