I tried At-Home Micro-needling and It's a total game changer

For years I neglected my skin. I don’t think I ever dabbled in the 3 step cleanse-tone-moisturise before the age of 30. I was a wham bam face wipe kinda gal and if my face was lucky I’d whack on whatever moisturiser was knocking about in Annie’s bathroom cupboard. A few months ago while I was meticulously inspecting my face in the mirror, I noticed a few feral wrinkles had appeared. I was devastated. I thought my Asian Anti-Aging genes would win forever. Alas, I was horribly mistaken. I started a skin care regime. And here’s how it goes…


I have a Normal Skin Type. To check your skin type click here. My skin does have some blemishes and marks from my adult acne stint I got when I was 28 (Adult acne is real people). My pores are generally quite small and I rarely get pimples accept for those stubborn under the skin hormonal spots. I’ve noticed my smile lines have deepened and some fine lines appearing on my forehead and frown lines. Reason for telling you my skin type, is so you know if the products below would suit your skin or not.



DISCLAIMER: I am not claiming to be some sort of skincare know-it-all but simply sharing something that I’ve personally used and seen results with. All of the products in this post are CRUELTY FREE. 

I initially got the idea of Micro-needling from Kourtney K. She’s almost 40, smoking hot and she cares about what she puts on and in her body. I clocked her on Instagram having something rolled across her face and instantly thought, ‘I WANT’. Obviously I can’t roll into Dr Jason Diamond’s Beverly Hills clinic, so I started a thorough research project to figure out a cheap version of Kourt K’s $1000 treatment. Reading countless reviews and watching youtube videos I finally gathered enough info to start my ‘At-Home Micro-needling’.

I bought a Derma roller from Taobao (Chinese Shopping app). There were different options for needle length. From the research I did, I chose the 0.5mm needle length. Seemed like a safe option.


0.25mm- No bleeding or pain, helps serums and creams to absorb better

0.5mm– Mildly painful, very minimal bleeding, treats fine lines, shallow scarring, pigmentation and boosts absorption of serums and cream. Only triggers mild collagen growth.

0.75-1.0mm – Moderately painful, mild bleeding, treats shallow/deep wrinkles and can induce collagen growth

1.5-3.0mm: Very painful and bleeds. Do NOT do this at home. For PROFESSIONALS ONLY (The one Kim Kardashian did where her face bled and looked like a smushed strawberry).

It sounds pretty absurd, rolling tiny needles into your face to the point where it bleeds but it’s really not that intense. The needles create “micro-injuries” which alert the skin to produce more collagen. The micro-injuries also boost the absorption of anti-aging creams and serum’s by 90%, so you’re really getting your money’s worth. By no means does your face bleed—with a 0.5mm—so if it does, you’re rolling your face with needles, not rolling out pastry for a pie. Chill the fak out. 

Your face will for sure, be red but this is normal. Once you’ve applied your serum, the redness will slowly subside and leave your face looking plump, bright and feeling as soft and smooth as a baby’s bottom. I always find in the morning is when I see optimum results. 

Below is my DermaRoller/Micro-needling



Cleanse:  I use Cetaphil to gently cleanse my face, it has no smell + it’s cheap. I also recently tried Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing balm. Really amazing product! Especially for those days you just can’t be bothered to have wet sleeves and arms from splashing your face. It’s also a wonderful exfoliant.


Tone:  Followed by  PIXI Retinol Tonic Toner. Staring jasmine flower and peptides, this zero-to-low irritation tonic will soften fine lines and revitalise skin without any of the irritation commonly caused by retinol use. Allow the toner to fully absorb before the next step.

Under-eye: THE ORDINARY Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG. Reduces puffiness and dark circles.

Hydrate:  The Ordinary “Buffet”. Supports hydration and plumps the face, reducing fine lines and furrows. Few drops all over the face and allow to soak in. 

Prime:  THE ORDINARY High-Spreadability Fluid Primer. And to finish the regime, I use Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm all over the face which gives a nice glow to the skin and allows makeup to go on more smoothly.


TIP: I find in-between each step you need to give the product time to soak in and dry before applying the next product. So don’t rush if you can help it







PM is where the magic happens.

Makeup remover: After going from never taking my makeup off at night I am now totally anal about removing it before I hit the hay. Even if I’m steaming drunk after a wine night with the girls. I use TOUCH IN SOL Mission Complete Waterproof Sensitive Lip & Eye Perfect Cleanser to remove most of the makeup from eyes and face.

Exfoliate: To get a deep cleanse I use Cetaphil  with a FOREO LUNA play Facial Cleansing Brush.

Tone: This will get the last bits of dirt and residue off. It’s important your face is super clean before micro-needling. I use the same toner as above in the AM routine.

Antioxidant: The Ordinary Alpha Lipoic Acid 5%.When I first used this antioxidant acid it made my face a little tingly, verging on burning and it smells like weed BUT, it’s BOMB. A few drops on your fingertips and thoroughly rub it in circular motions all over face, but avoid eye area at all costs. (For people with sensitive skin, do a patch test beforehand caking your face in it). Next step, needling! 

Micro-needling: There’s loads of videos on youtube showing you how to do it. Apply a small amount of pressure and roll your face in sections, going diagonally, then across and then up and down. It’s important to clean your roller in alcohol before and after use. Do not DRAG the roller across your face when you’re rolling, pick it up after each sectionTry not to drop your roller and bend the needle because then you need to toss it and buy a new one. 


Aftercare: Once you’ve done with the needling, your face will be quite red and possibly tingling. This is the best time to apply your serum as your skin will Dyson suck it up. Choose a serum that suits your skin type. I usually use THE ORDINARY Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 followed by a simple moisturiser or an oil, such as THE ORDINARY 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

Micro-needling should be done 1-2 times a week, giving at least 4 days in-between rolls as the skin needs time to heal. I use a lot of The Ordinary products because I love how affordable they are and how they make my skin feel. People with super sensitive skin may find some of the products too harsh, so make sure you do a patch test 24hours before and read the labels as some products require you to avoid unprotected solar exposure.

Of course micro-needling isn’t the only way to keep your skin looking FRESH as the prince. Back in the day I use to tan, smothered in baby oil. Complete idiocy on my part because the sun is a major wrinkle maker. Now I use factor 30 ALWAYS, all over and avoid sun-beds like the plague. Water water water is another major skin-hydrator. 

Any questions, please feel free to leave in the comments section and if you have any tips please share! Happy Needling folks! 

BUDGET BUY- Swiss Clinic Skin Roller £42

BLOW OUT BUY- ECooking Derma Roller £73