'GOOD VIBES ONLY' Bars in Bali

After an arduous day of basking in the Bali sun or surfing the crest of the Bali waves. There’s always one thing on everyones mind; to be watered and fed and perhaps even get a little lit (Shhhh…I didn’t say that). Whether you’re feeling a chilled vibe, an ‘out out’ vibe or just some good food and drink. Bali has it all..



Try not loose you s**t with overwhelming excitement when you enter this Instagram worthy oasis. Boasting what it says on the box, an evidently clear Mexican vibe can be felt to the bone, from start till finish. A plethora of neon lights,  cactaceous plants and palm  trees will surround you while you sip on—one of THE BEST—ice cold Margaritas in town and tuck into a perfectly prepared taco or an orgasmic melt in your mouth lamb shank (I still dream about it till this day).

If your planning to go for dinner, I’d HIGHLY advise to book in advanced, to avoid disappointment, as once it hits 8pm you’ll be witness to a Mexican pile-up of mass proportion. In other words, it gets packed with punters.

Motel Mexicola isn’t for the faint hearted, be prepared to have shots slung into your mouth, impromptu dance offs to absolute bangers + beautifully wild, organised chaos; where you aren’t sure how the hell you got home or worst case scenario, what your name is….






If the name doesn’t draw you in like a fly to s**t then you must live a pretty dull life. Who doesn’t love Sushi slash drinks??? It had just opened when I first embraced the vivacious pink decor of ‘Who’s Your Daddy’. I hate the colour pink, but this is an exception to the rule. 

The staff were incredibly accommodating, particularly the bartender who was answering all questions—as we took notes—relating to his BOMB cocktails, which we had one of each from the ‘DADDY’S FAVE’ section on the drinks menu.

If you’re wanting a photo that’s going to break your Instagram internet likes, this is the place to be. Heavily sticking to its pink motif and ‘daddy’ theme, including serving pink rice. Pink velvet plush cushions, a big neon sign saying ‘I may or may not have shaved for Daddy’ and ‘LET’S CUDDLE’ are perfectly placed around you. You’ll arrive feeling sexy and leave feeling sushi satisfied (and without even probably realising it, a little bit randy too). WHO’S YOUR DADDY????

P.S Gotta give a shout out for probably the smallest yet coolest bathroom in Bali




This brisk baby blue and white Amalfi Coast inspired; Maurice Terzini creation welcomes people from all walks of life. From the Bali cool kids on the block, to fashion hopefuls and just the regular child bearing, ‘family night’ crowd. Da Maria has a piece of Capri for everyone.

Pop a squat at the cocktail bar which pleasantly presents itself to you as you enter the building. The level of service and sophistication is out of this world and the meticulously concocted cocktails are on par. The hand crafted pizzas which are cooked to perfection in a lavish lava oven are some what, to die for

10PM onwards LATE NIGHT PIZZA + DISCO commences with the dance-floor full to the brim of beautiful, Italian-wine fuelled people. Open till 1am, you can snake hip the night away with a DJ at your disposal, in this stunningly vibey haven. Da Maria will not disappoint. 




This hidden gem was discovered on a drunken walk after leaving Finns. Located just across the road, the bright neon sign lured in our seemingly blurred eyes. After entering the white walls, scattered red and white striped sun-loungers grace the pool along side several tall palm trees. “Palm Springs” instantly came to mind.

If you’re looking for pure chills, look no further, this little beach house is the spot. Somehow we ended up jamming acoustic a capella on karaoke night with the owner, on the lawn by the pool. After a few (DEEELIGHTFUL) cocktails the crowd warmed up and the wannabe Whitney’s were full of dutch courage. The aesthetically pleasing decor isn’t the only piece to the perfectly cool puzzle, the hamburgers and tacos were amazing too. 

Don’t miss their bomb breakfast & brunch, open from 8AM and if you’re in search for a couple of beers and movie to nurse your hangover, there’s a Monday Movie Club from 7pm onward




Come with us on now on a journey
Through time and space,
To the world of Tropicoooollaaaaaa. 

Much like ‘The Mighty Boosh’ this 80’s tropi-cool paradise will transport you to somewhere pretty f****n sick. I watched this bad boy be erected whilst I was in Bali, and what a glorious erection it was. The bold block primary colour scheme; pool smack bang in the middle for the ultimate drink, eat, tan, dance experience with a beach view = prime. If you’re looking for a banging sunset spot this is, THE ONE. 

When arms spread eagle, back flush against the side of the pool, I channel Danny Dyer from ‘The Business’. This place is predominantly, effortlessly cool and the perfect playground for a day sesh P-A-R-T- YYYYYYY; open till midnight. The staff will pamper to your every waking need, balancing an array of tropicoladas and a glut of grilled seafood and meats on a tray; served to your hubris self. 

If tropicola had lyrics, they’d be, ” No one knows what it means, but its’s provocative…it really get the people going!”

P.S Don’t forget to go upstairs to the green and white wall for an instagrammable pic