It’s been well over a year since I last graced this keyboard with my supple fingertips, but I’m back with COVID vengeance! Just kidding, but for real I would like to thank COVID for making me wake up and smell the coffee and realise, rather than moaning and groaning about tier twatty two and the daily Bane look we have all encompassed. My time would be better spent writing about shit no one cares about, sharing my travels, the things I love, the clothes I yearn for and more importantly being an eco-warrior. I’m almost certain no one has missed me or my blog so why I am announcing it like Boris Johnson on COVID is something only I will never know. Lol.

To get this comeback on an all mighty roll, I’m just going to sum up where I’m at. After Christmas last year I moved to Vietnam. I was living THE lushest life, teaching online and being paid really good money by winging it being a SUPA  DJ. I had my own pad, my own scooter, sunbathed and worked out & did yoga daily. I was eating amazing local meals for 33p, drinking crack coffee for the same price. I was literally living the dream. I even started a bikini line.  

UNTIL DUN DUN DAAAA, I got full on scammed and robbed by a local Vietnamese girl. Call me stupid but I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt and trust them before I paint them with the untrustworthy b***h brush. I still can’t quite comprehend that someone could be so cruel to look me dead in the eye and lie with such conviction. Crazy. So in a nutshell, she ruined my life, I lost my apartment, she spent all my money, she stole my Macbook, (which I thankfully got back thanks to the police officers Mr Vu and Dang Tam, who will never read this but thought I’d drop a name in for my connections for LYFE), she made MY friends think I was the crazy liar and she taught me to TRUST NO ONE. It was so bad at one point I thought I was going to be sex trafficked/murdered. I don’t actually believe in the ‘TRUST NO ONE’ quote, I have just learnt to be extremely cautious as to who I let into my friend circle. So, I had to pack up and leave Vietnam cause I was broke, had nowhere to live and needed to be with family after such a traumatizing experience. I actually sound like a jerk wailing about being scammed by some stupid little girl when there are people out there, way worse off than me, who have ACTUALLY been sex trafficked. My emphasis is just for dramatic writing affect. I’m healthy, alive, no longer broke and in love with a man that resembles many a famous fit actor, so I’m doing good. 

After arriving in the U.K—which I only thought was going to be for a brief 2 months, whilst I got back on my feet—I continued teaching online, put on 5 kgs, started THE PROJECT (big shout out to these guys), met Baba, made great friends, went on a third-wheel holiday, had a baby…PSYKE, no baby. Then BOOM, Corona. I swear I called it back in November, I remember watching ‘The Next Pandemic’ on Netflix, then heard about a virus in China and I was like, wow. This is it. Of course everyone thought I was nuts. What’s new?

9 months later I am still here but alas for everything a reason right? Last month I became the proud Travel business owner of Keeo.Online with the cheesy tag line of ‘Keeo.Online sending you offline *insert little airplane*’. I’m sure many people may think I’m big headed calling it after my name but to be honest it was just easy, already had a blog with the name, my email is the same, my name is unique. Sue me. Some might say I didn’t choose the best time to start a travel business—cries internally— but they are wrong! HELL MARY HELL FIRE, for once I am going to see something through and I won’t give up on the travel (cause why give up on one of the most lucrative sectors in the world?). As you may tell, this blog itself is a clear representation of the way I handle difficult commitments, with utter negligence, laxness and disregard. NOT TODAY SATAN.

The travel sector may be suffering ever so slightly at the moment but I’ll be damned if it’s not a boomer next year. Just IMAGINE the amount of people who are going to grab their passports and do one once this is all over. The thought excites me! With the support of friends and family and people who have a passion for travel. I have faith. If anyone would like any information about starting YOUR OWN travel business, shoot me an email ([email protected]) or send me a message on my travel instagram account Keeo.Online  and I will be more than happy to oblige. I also teach English online everyday to Chinese kids (the irony) and if anyone wants info on that too, come at me.

So as of today, we are going to be Tier 2 (whatever TF that entails) and life keeps throwing those curve balls straight in the gut, but the show must go on and there is ALWAYS someone worse off than you. This is a sentence I repeat daily, when the smallest inconvenience comes my way and I have the audacity to moan, there’s always someone worse off than me. Be grateful, live in the present and do things you love with the people you love. Nowadays we can’t take things or people for granted. So take care of your mind/body, be kind, love, laugh, eat green, stop ya bitchin & moanin and more importantly, save the planet.

peace . love & brown rice